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B7 Racing Car Seat

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B7 carbon epoxy race car seat

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The B7 is amazingly light at 3.7 kg and ultra-narrow at only 40 cm wide with the B7-40-17 version. Both versions are super high quality with a glossy carbon fibre construction and importantly with the B7 both widths are FIA homologated to 8855-1999 for racing use.

The B7-40-17 has a maximum width of 40 cm at the point where the cockpit width on many narrow cars is restricted and the B7-44-17 has a maximum width of 44 cm.

The two models are the same internally. However, the 44 cm version is for the majority of cars where there is room for an aesthetically pleasing smooth rolled edge around the leg area.

The B7-40-17 is for narrow cars like Caterham's, Westfield's, Morgan's and many other similar cockpits with restricted space.

The seat is supplied as standard with a Dinamica suede covered headrest pad. The B7 can be ordered with black Dinamica suede panels as an option. The panel set adds 1 kg and can be customised to the customer’s own fabric and stitching requirements using our "in house” upholstery department. Like all Tillett seats, the B7 seat does not require the padded panels to be comfortable.

The B7 has the room behind the neck and correct belt hole height for a Hans device. Even though the B7 is incredibly light it has a rigid structure that does not flex around in use.

The B7 also has a mounting bracket option which has been FIA tested along with the seat. The beautiful billet TB FIA brackets are immensely strong and recommended for racing use. The B7-40-17 is more likely to need the TBF1, where the brackets bend inwards under the seat keeping everything within the narrow 40 cm width of the seat.

Price: £2,154.00

Prices where listed exclude VAT

B7XL carbon epoxy race car seat

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The new carbon fibre B7 XL is FIA homologated to 8855-1999 and the weight is an incredibly light at 3.8 kg. The seat is 30 mm wider than the standard B7 but only 20 mm wider at the base. The seat is suited to drivers weighing over 100 kg. B7 XL seats are incredibly comfortable without a cover. Even on long journeys or endurance races they remain comfortable, making them ideal for open topped race cars.

The B7 XL seats can be ordered with Dinamica® suede panels as an option, this adds 1 kg.

The B7 XL seats have five types of bracket options:

TB F1 brackets are made from 6 mm thick anodised aluminium and point inwards under the seat.

TB F5 brackets are made from the same 6 mm high grade anodised aluminium as the TB F1 and point outwards.

TB5 is a powder coated 5 mm thick aluminium version of the outward pointing TB F5.

TB FIA brackets also point outwards and these high quality brackets are FIA crash tested.

B7 XL FIA accreditation

Price: £2,154.00

Prices where listed exclude VAT

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