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We recommend always specifying a TP2 cushion and back panel set if the car is to be used as a daily driver, or to grip the body a little more and takeaway vibration.

Why are the Tillett TP2 panel sets made to be so thin?

When racing Tillett seats, padding is not essential. Thick foam can be detrimental to the feel coming from the chassis and road surface. The careful sculpturing of the uncovered Tillett shapes removes any uncomfortable pressure points. It supports the driver in areas where load can be applied, whilst at the same time moving it away from regions which cannot.

They are covered as standard with extremely tough and resilient auto grade Dinamica suede, which gives the perfect combination of performance, style and practicality needed for all high-performance vehicles.

The TP2 panel sets can be customised for extra cost.

For example, the customer could have additional foam to lift the legs, or a lower back that needs more lumbar support. Maybe the driver is small and needs a general thickness added to reduce the size of the whole seat. Another option is a layer of our special foam which absorbs impacts and vibrations, moulding itself to an individual’s body shape. This shock mitigation foam is a magnificent layer to add for added comfort and impact resistance and works within a very thin cross section.

We also offer bespoke customisation of the covers including stitching, fabric and colour modifications.

Covered and padded panel sets are available for all Tillett car seats throughout the range.


  • TP2 panels add style, support, comfort, and grip.
  • Thin foam is just enough to take away vibration.
  • Water resilient and tough black Dinamica suede as standard.
  • Body mirroring design.
  • Available for all Tillett car seats, please select seat model required.
  • Personalisation available, select additional features drop down menu to choose the design and colour you require.
  • Can be removable on Velcro if required.
  • Made by the Tillett Racing Seats upholstery team in the UK.
1. Factors to consider

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new kart seat.
If you have had a seat in the past. Do you know the size and shape?

2. Choose a Shape

Shape does not make as much difference as the teams would have you believe, but they will be nervous of miss positioning the seat and may want you to use the shape they are used to fitting.

This is fine until the seat is not the right fit for you. An ill-fitting seat can cause a driver to damage their body or hang on the wheel, neither are good for ultimate performance.

Different shapes put in the chassis with the drivers back in exactly the same place, made with the same materials will pretty much handle the same.
That said a significant angle change of the back will alter the handling especially for bigger driver and this should be looked at separately.

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