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Lightweight carbon KEVLAR® seats

It is easy to make a seat light; it is not so easy to make a lightweight seat that can hold a driver securely without breakage during an accident. Using a carbon-aramid fabric is almost irrelevant if the resin and curing processes do not compliment the expensive fibres, most of the seat strength can be lost and fracturing will occur. All the Tillett seats made from KEVLAR® carbon are built to be on the limit of weight and strength but the materials are never compromised to save cost, you are always buying the best materials we can find.

Many kart seats in the market place are sold as containing carbon, but these are almost always glass fibre with one cosmetic top layer of carbon fibre, Tillett seats are never made to fool the customer in any way and if the material is there for cosmetic reasons alone it will be described as such.

Rigidity of Carbon seats

The lightweight KEVLAR® Carbon seats can be as stiff or as soft as all our other types. The rigidity that matches our standard seats and most other standard original equipment, is designated "K", an example of this would be T11K. To match the flexible VG seats use the letters "KG", for example T5KG. For a lightweight, rigid seat, use the letters "CR" after the usual shape designation. For an extra rigid seat use a CXR. The CR and extra rigid CXR models are mostly made with carbon fibre to give the required stiffness.

The New Style T11 and T5 seats can be bought with a cosmetic layer of carbon on the front surface. This has very little affect on the overall rigidity of the laminate and the weight is equal to the normal version.

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