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Tillett Racing Seats - Quality Comes 1st  Blog

2021 model P1

The 2021 P1 model affords drivers the highest level of rib protection, without reducing the feel from the chassis or disturbing the proportions of the race seat. They are the thinnest available on the market, which means that your required kart seat size is unaffected by the addition of the protection. Inside the product, carefully shaped highly technical composite panels spread the load perfectly over the whole ribcage and always retain their shape even on a hot day.

The outer suede surface does not damage expensive race suits and the internal anti shock foam contributes to an ultra high level of load spreading over the whole ribcage.

An adjustable chest angle means that the P1 can adapt to straight and V shaped torsos. A new more secure front fixing strap has double elasticated sections, which helps the driver breath whilst retaining exactly the right tension to protect the ribs. The 2021 model has our latest harness which does not pull on the shoulders when driving and has a neat and effective adjustment method allowing far greater height adjustment.

Rib Protectors | P1 | P1 (Ladies)


This new model is initially released only for small juniors and is based on our T5 shape. The T14 is a quality composite moulding with a light and strong construction.

The symmetrical T14 has a flat bottom to lower the driver and taller leg support. It replaces the T8 junior seats. The leg support is more compact than the T8, therefore avoiding contact with the large airboxes frequently used on many karts today.

Leg support is useful for stabilising young drivers who are new to a faster class, drivers with long unsupported legs and drivers who are very loose in the leg bone area of the seat.

T14 Kart Seat


The ERAIL aluminium rail allows either the EBB5R, or EBR steel Lotus brackets to bolt down on top of it and solidly fix in a B5, B6, B6-43 XL, B7-40, B7-44, B8-43 and B9-43. The ERAIL combined with EBB5R or EBR, are incredibly adjustable, moving in 10 mm increments for leg length and setting the seat as low as it is physically possible.

The billet lower rails fit into the captive fittings either side of either LHD or RHD cars. Importantly, they can also be used in the newer post 2017 cars where the runners changed to a type with a 345mm hole spacing. The ERAIL is machined from natural colour anodised billet aluminium and is a stunning piece of work.

The weight of a pair of rails is .95 kg. When coupled with the EBB5R or EBR, the weight is 1.91 kg.

Lotus Car Seat brackets | ERAIL

EBR 17+ (Formerly EB6)

Designed to fit seat models B1-43 2022, B6, B6-43 XL, B7-40, B7-44 or B8-43 (+ B6, B6-43 XL side mount versions) into the Elise Exige from 2017 VIN serial number 1457 onwards.

The EBR 17+ has a 2° draw angle, which matches the side of the above seats onto the original adjustment runners of the Elise/Exige.

Lotus Car Seat brackets | EBR 17+

EBB5R 17+ (Formerly EB7)

Designed to fit the B5 seat into the Elise Exige from 2017 VIN serial number 1457 onwards.

The EBB5R 17+ is a 90° bracket. They are made from 3 mm thick steel and are designed to fit directly on top of the newer Elise Exige adjustment runners. Multiple holes on the upright allow the driver to adjust the angle and height of the seat. They also have a strong mounting points for fitting the OEM seat belts.

Lotus Car Seat brackets | EBB5R 17+

Introducing the new Tillett B8 car seat

The B8 allows a driver to attain a low driving position, whilst sitting at an angle which suits production sports cars. The B8 requires minimal padding which provides great feedback from the chassis and a perfectly supported driving position. It is especially good for taller drivers wishing to lower themselves in the car without sacrificing any comfort on long journeys. The compact B8 is wider than the B5 and the cut edge B8-43 allows this larger seat to fit into sports cars with very narrow cockpits.

The two edge width options are the B8-43 and the B8-44.5. The B8 uses all the brackets that are currently available for the B6 and B7 FIA race seats.

B8 GRP Car Seat | B8 Carbon/GRP Car Seat