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2017 Tillett Racing News

28 April 2017

2017 Winter Cup South Garda

1st OK Junior Harry Thompson using an Alonso with a T11t seat and a P1 rib protector.

2017 Andrea Margutti

1st OK Senior Callum Bradshaw CRG with a T11t seat and P1 rib protector
1st KZ Riccardo Longhi using a Birel with a T11t Tillett seat
1st OK Junior Andrea Rosso using a Babyrace Tonykart with a T11t seat

2017 WSK Master Series Championship

1st KZ Bas Lammers using a T9VG in his Sodikart.
1st Clement Novalak using a P1 Rib protector.
1st Andrea Rosso using a Tonykart with a T11t seat in the Babyrace team.

2017 Round 1 of the CIK FIA European Championships Sarno

1st KZ Paulo De Conto on a CRG with a Tillett seat and P1 rib protector
1st OK Junior Johnny Edgar on an Esprit with a T11t and a Tillett composite rib protector