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B1 Racing Car Seat

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B1 Carbon Car Seat

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The high gloss carbon fibre B1 seat weigh’s just 3.2 kg and yet due to its twin moulding construction remains rigid and strong. This makes it ideal for performance saloon cars where weight saving is a priority. The body contact area is so carefully sculptured it is comfortable without padding, making the seat also ideal for open topped sports cars. The B1 seating angle suits production road cars and the swept away sides allow use of either a standard road seat belt or a racing harness. The seat comes with a Dinamica® suede covered headrest pad as standard and has the option of matching back and cushion panels. These thin pads are recommended for when the car is mainly used on the road. The weight of the seat with the two extra covered panels is 4.1 kg. (All weights quoted are + or – 10%).

The B1 has side mounting points and it uses the optional TB1, TB4, TB1O8 and TBFIAO8 brackets. These bracket sets allow the seat to be tipped at different angles and mounted directly to either a flat floor or onto the Tillett runner systems. The TB1 and taller TB4 brackets point inwards under the seat and retain a very small footprint. The TB1O8 brackets point outwards from the seat. There is also a beautiful fully machined billet aluminium version of this bracket called the TBFIAO8.

Price: £1,318.00

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