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TK2 M8 Fitting kit with plates

TK2 M8 Fitting kit with plates
TK2 M8 Fitting kit with plates
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RIBCAGE - Body Support System

Composite support panels that when fitted add extra depth to the sides of the seats.

New 2016 model

Kart seats are available in many different shapes and sizes but they are not depth or height adjustable, which means that the fit of the seat is nearly always a compromise.

Traditionally the only way to achieve this depth was to either use a seat with deepened sides, or to produce a wrap-around seat that curved around the body. The problem with these ideas is that a deeper seat fouls the arms and a wraparound seat could damage the ribs if a driver were thrown from a kart; even worse injury could occur if the seat were to trap the driver in, rather than let them be thrown clear. The Ribcage body support system comprises of two "bolt on” panels that give extra lateral support for the upper body.

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TW1 M8 Aluminium countersunk washer Black
TW1 M8 Aluminium countersunk washer Black Our Price: £0.88

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