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Honda Carbon fibre chain guard

Honda Carbon fibre chain guard
The guard weighs only 366 grams including the bracket system. This is a lightweight guard for Honda GX160.
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The guard weighs only 366 grams including the bracket system. This is a lightweight guard for Honda GX160.
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Nylon TAG Chainguard

This tough Nylon chainguard is suitable for the Rotax Max TAG engine and there is also a shorter version where the front is cut off, for X30, IAME Gazelle and OK engines.

The Nylon guard is available in black or red and has a long bracket kit as standard.

The long brackets fix high up on the guard keeping it more rigidly located and this also helps move the fixings above the exhaust of the Max, making access to the removal nuts easier.

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Injected glass fibre composite chain guard

The composite guards are light, sturdy and rigid and do not wobble due to the honeycomb core on the mounting side.

Available to fit RHD or LHD 100cc, with a cut front for OK, IAME Gazelle and X30 engines and a longer version for Rotax Max.

Adjustable mid point to allow the sprocket to run centrally in the guard. The guards are wide enough to allow the use of sprocket protectors.

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Carbon fibre lightweight chain guard
View The Carbon Kevlar® Tillett chainguard is the lightest on the market at 170 gm in a RHD/Rotax version and is 138 gm when cut for the KF classes. Unlike many products that cosmetically use carbon look materials, the lightweight Tillett guard uses genuine carbon and is Kevlar® brand fibre lined for ballistic protection against a thrown chain. It also has two smooth sides making it easy to clean.

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