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New Style T11t Tillett seats win both the 2016 KZ and OK Senior CIK FIA World Championships

Paulo De Conto on a CRG wins the KZ World Championship using the new style T11t seat and the P1 Tillett rib protector.
Pedro Hiltbrand wins the OK Senior World Championship on a CRG chassis fitted with a new style T11t seat and with a Tillett composite rib protector.
For the second year in a row all three drivers on the podium use Tillett rib protection.

Sustained results over many years conclusively prove that Tillett products are used to win at the very highest level of karting. The developments made in our composites to improve strength, reduce weight and control rigidity for racing, are now also being used in many other products, manufactured for a wide range of customers. All the products are born from a true family passion for racing. You can see Laura Tillett's web site at www.lauratillett.com

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Latest Racing Results

Drivers using Tillett Racing Seats and rib protectors dominate the World Championship results in 2016!

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