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Rental Kart Seat

Rental Kart Seats


RELIABLE HIGH QUALITY RENTAL KART SEATS AND EQUIPMENT XL Injected Rental Seat. This new XL seat for the corporate market has been in development for over a year and builds on the experience of 23 years in the kart seat business. The development included an extensive computerised FEA analysis combined with practical track testing at Buckmore Park, the busiest rental track in the UK. During the testing we have carefully crafted the seat to give the best combination of size and shape to enable it to cope with a wide range of driver sizes.

XL T8 Rental Very popular super strong composite rental seats. The T8 rental does not flex even when hot and can cope with the extra grip and speed of faster karts, whilst continuing to give the reliability of the plastic seats, making it ideal for outdoor rental use. XL AND XXL VAC FORMED PLASTIC RENTAL. The vacuum formed Tillett plastic rental seats have 8 mm thick edges to keep them rigid and they are made from almost indestructible HD Polypropylene, they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The XXL size was our first digitally mastered seat, which means it is totally symmetrical and accurate in every dimension.

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Rental Kart Seats - Close Up
Rental Kart Seats - Fully Covered
Rental Kart Seats - Fully Covered - Close Up
Rental Kart Seats
Rental Kart Seats
Rental Kart Seats - XL - Close up


Seat inserts help smaller drivers comfortably drive a kart without stretching for the steering wheel and pedals. They also stop the driver from sliding around in the seat, which aids the concentration and helps prevent injury. Using these simple, cheap seat foam inserts moves a driver 40mm or 24mm further forwards and if necessary, up. This helps a smaller driver to adequately control a kart that has a large seat fitted.Special Race seat inserts are available on request as used by the Club 100 drivers

Moulded Rubber Seat Inserts
The Caliba SRS moulded rubber insert reduces a Tillett XL rental down to a MS and is quick and easy to fit.


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