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 Ribcage panels fitted showing spacers


RIBCAGE - Body Support System

Composite support panels that when fitted add extra depth to the sides of the seats

New 2016 model

Kart seats are available in many different shapes and sizes but they are not depth or height adjustable, which means that the fit of the seat is nearly always a compromise.
Traditionally the only way to achieve this depth was to either use a seat with deepened sides, or to produce a wrap-around seat that curved around the body. The problem with these ideas is that a deeper seat fouls the arms and a wraparound seat could damage the ribs if a driver were thrown from a kart; even worse injury could occur if the seat were to trap the driver in, rather than let them be thrown clear. The Ribcage body support system comprises of two “bolt on” panels that give extra lateral support for the upper body.
If a driver should be thrown forward or out of the kart when using the Ribcage panels, they are flexible enough to release the driver from the kart.

A good tight fit around the chest is essential to help protect the ribs and hip bones from damage.
By using the Ribcage panels you can choose the perfect height and depth for your chest shape. By using the optional Ribcage Spacer Kit, the width around the rib area is also adjustable. The Ribcage
Spacer Kit contains 6 x M8 long seat bolt sets and 18 x 4 mm nylon spacer washers.
The Ribcage does not alter the properties of the original seat by changing the rigidity and therefore will only have a positive effect on the lap times. If a seat with rib padding is to be used the use of a

40 mm diameter x 4 mm thick nylon spacer between the seat and Ribcage is recommended. This ensures that the bolts can be tightened sufficiently by crushing the foam completely.

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T Board seat fitting tool
The T Board 2019 in operation

T Board seat fitting tool T Board seat fitting tool

T Board (2019) - The Highest Quality Seat Fitting Tool

The New T Board TRACK has been designed to speed up the fitting of a kart seat whilst at the circuit.

For fast accurate fitting of kart seats at the circuit.

Drops quickly into place without lifting the chassis.

Adapts to cope with obstructions like battery boxes and fuel pipes.

Converts to suit 28, 30 and 32mm chassis diameters.

Can be flipped upside down to suit engines on the left.

Fitting a kart seat is one of the most time consuming jobs for a mechanic, but it is also one of the most important elements of setup to get right. This is because the driver is around half the overall weight of the vehicle. Therefore, their position within the chassis needs to be fully understood and correct every time. The lap times are likely to increase if the seat is set just 5mm out. Understanding the optimum position is made even more difficult when you consider the many different seat shapes, sizes and driver seating preferences.

The T Board TRACK uses a lightweight but rigid carbon plate and four magnetic height setting bar assemblies. These assemblies hold the plate in a precise location which sets the low point of the seat. The jig can then be easily dropped onto the chassis in seconds. The seat is then placed on the board. By using the magnetic carbon slide rule to measure and hold it accurately at a set distance from the axle, all future seats are easy to fit in exactly the same place every time.

Once set and recorded, it is possible by using the information from the T Board, to place the seat in exactly the same position in relation to the rear axle, no matter what the make or type of chassis. (See the fitting instructions for more information).

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The Rainmeister

Sometimes the only way to get grip from a cold, wet or slippery track surface is to put downward pressure on the two outside tyres. On these occasions lifting the seat up will help to get a higher centre of gravity and in certain conditions can help attain extra grip. The problem is that many small tweaks like this can’t be achieved fast enough when it rains. The Rain Meister speeds up the task.

  • Can Improve Handling In
    Wet Or Cold Conditions
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Will Not Absorb Water
  • Fast, Secure Velcro Fixing
  • Fits In Most Kart Seats

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 Nylon Washers seat washers

Tillett Nylon Washer / Spacer Kits

Tillett Nylon Anti seat stay penetration washers and spacers give a solid mounting and take up the gap between the kart seat stays and the seat.
The Nylon does not cut into the composite, yet they are tough enough not to fracture or flex.
There are 6 sizes;

TW3 =40 mm x 2 mm
TW4 = 40 mm x 4 mm
TW5 = 51 mm x 2 mm
TW6 = 51 mm x 5 mm 
TW7 = 40 mm x 10 mm
TW8 = 51 mm x 10 mm

They are also available as a 20 washer spacer kits. Choose from the following sizes:
TK3 = 10 washers 40 mm diameter x 2mm thick and 10 washers 40 mm x 4 mm
TK4 = 10 washers 51 mm diameter x 2 mm thick and 10 washers 51 mm x 5 mm

The Tillett nylon anti penetration washers conform to the following CIK and MSA kart seat mounting regulations.

All seats must have a metal or nylon reinforcement on all anchorage points between the seat supports and the seat. Reinforcement washers must have a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm and a diameter of at least 40 mm. All supports must be bolted or welded at each end.

They are also used for the car seats to spacer from the brackets to the seat and to enable fine adjustment. (A TW11 40 mm diameter x 4 mm thick aluminium spacer for FIA car seat use is also available.)

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TK8 Special Low Profile Fitting Kit

This new high specification new stainless steel low profile fitting kit allows a complete seat to be fitted with bolts for four main stays and four extra seat stays.

The kit also includes a nylon washer spacer kit to make sure that you have every combination of spacer required to fit a kart seat.

The incredibly flat bolt and washer combination does not destroy you race suit, your rib protector, or your body. They enable you to tighten the seat bolts without fear of the washer pulling through, as they often do with plastic countersunk washers, or bottoming out as they can do will regular steel washers. The design of the washer is such that it allows the head of the bolt to twist in the washer which stops the seat from breaking during the twisting forces generated by the chassis.

2 x 60 mm Low profile bolt/washers
2 x 30 mm Low profile bolt/washers
4 x 25 mm Low profile bolt/washers
10 washers 5 mm x 51 mm diameter Nylon spacer washers
8 washers 2 mm x 51 mm diameter Nylon spacer washers
2 washers 10 mm x 51 mm diameter Nylon spacer washers

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Also available:

Tk6 Special Low Profile Fitting Kit

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