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Used by 2015 World KFJ Champion Logan Sargeant and 2015 KZ World Champion Jorrit Pex.

The T11 is the seat shape most often used by the professional teams. With young drivers growing ever taller, there was a need to lower the body weight. We designed the T11 range to obtain an even lower driving position than the T5, whilst at the same time keeping an upright shoulder position, which allows a driver to retain full control of their kart without upsetting the weight distribution. The flat area on the bottom of the seat is larger than the T5 and the back angle is 58 degrees.

For the 2016 season, we will be releasing a new generation of this seat. The new style T11 is the same shape as the T12 & T11, but is an improvement on both, and so supersedes both ranges.

This new seat is made using a newly developed moulding technique that has allowed us to make the seat with a smooth front and back surface, and a consistent laminate thickness but unlike the T8 and T12 we also now have the ability to tune the rigidity. The "New style" T11 benefits from a specially developed high strength resin and contains a much higher fibre content that makes it more robust during drilling and impacts with the track.

The rigidities available in the new style T11 are the ones mostly used in today's karts. The super flexible VTi often used in the Minikarts, the flexible T11VG used in Rotax Max. Also we have the mid range rigidity, the T11t which is very popular for all classes nowadays. This "t" stiffness sits between the flexible VG and Standard T11 which is also available made by the new process.

For those that still have a rigid seat requirement the T11R, T11XR and T11VGR are still available as a hand made

In the lightweight carbon Kevlar® versions of the T11 shape you can order the T11KP, T11KG, T11K, T11CR and T11 CXR.

The T11 range now has many sizes in a "wt" wide top version, which helps fit drivers who either have narrow hips and a wide chest, or happen to use a very thick rib protector, such as our personalised composite rib protector.

The T11 shape also has two sizes of "Wide Hip" or WH seat. These handmade seats are available in Manetti and ML sizes. They stop the hip bone from becoming so bruised that people end up cutting holes in the seat weakening the structure.

Please note:-
The T12 is now discontinued as the New style T11 has superseded this model.

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The T11 Standard and T11VG flexible versions are the most popular types of this seat. Now we have also introduced the T11VTi and the T11t material specifications. The T11VTi is made to give the most diagonal flexibility possible in the chassis. The T11t is specifically designed to fit the rigidity gap between the VG and the standard T11. The VTi and "t" specs are available in the other hand made shapes too. The T11 range now has many sizes in a "wt" version, which helps to either fit drivers who have narrow hips and a wide chest, or is useful if they should use a very thick rib protector, such as our Personalised composite rib protector.

New Harvey size available for drivers falling between the S and Manetti size.

Equivalent size T11 seats will be slightly larger than the T8, T10 shapes. For example; the size of a ML T11 falls in between the ML and L sizes in T8 and T10.


World CIK-FIA Formula A Champion 2003
This was the seat used by Wade Cunningham to win the 2003 World Championship at Sarno.
Unlike the fully covered T5, the T5 Reverse has a smooth inside, this allows uncovered 1/4 and ½ covered seats to be produced in the popular T5 shape. The XScd T5 Rev size is popular with the 10 to 11 year old Cadet/Mini kart drivers and now there is also a new C size available for tall thin Cadets and a Ccd T5 for the shorter cadet driver who wants to use a flat bottomed seat.

Because it was made off the back of the T5 moulds, equivalent size T5 Reverse seats will be slightly larger than the standard T5 moulding. For example; the size of a ML T5 Reverse falls in between the ML and L sizes in other shapes. Drivers with wide hips often prefer the T5 Reverse shape.

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T5Hand: Ccd, C*, XScd, XScd wt*, S*, Man*. MS*, ML*, L* and XL*.

T11: C*, XS, XS WT, Scd, S, Swt, S tb*, Harvey, Manetti, Manetti WH*, Manetti WT, MS, MSwt, ML, ML WH*, MLwt, L, XL and XXL

* = Hand made only sizes
"cd = low back or cut down back for short drivers.
"wt" = wide top, or one size bigger at the top.
"WH" = wide hip, or one size bigger at the hip.
"tb" = an S width with the taller height back of the MS T11.

Cover colours: Fire Red, Royal Blue, Jet Black, Charcoal Grey.

Covered Tillett seats can be bought without fitting kits or box, remove £2.00 from listed prices.

All uncovered seats are priced without a fitting kit.


When choosing your new Tillett seat, please take into consideration that it is often tempting to pick a seat that is too big.

In a new seat, it is wise to choose a tight fit, as this offers the best protection for the ribs and the body. When a seat is too loose, the chances of damaging the body are much higher. In the course of an accident, if you move towards the side of a seat, the impact is much greater than if your body is hard against the side of the seat. In the same way people wearing no seat belt in a car crash will damage themselves far more than one instantly restrained by a seat belt. The best way to work out your seat size is by using your waist size and weight.

Size Graph

Kart Seat Size Guide


Download Our Seat Dimensions Guide Download Our Seat Dimension Guide
Download Our Seat Installation Guide Download Our Installation Guide

Rigity and Weight

Altering the rigidity of the seat will affect the handling of the kart. To make sure that the seat you buy this year will be the same as the one you buy next year, Tillett Racing Seats are made to set specifications. Other seat manufacturer's products often vary in thickness and the mouldings are nearly always resin rich, which makes them inconsistent in rigidity and strength. Our seats are unique in that they can be purchased with various consistent levels of rigidity.

THE T5, T7, T8 Handmade, T9, T10 and T11
When you buy most Tillett seats, you can choose between at three levels of rigidity.

Flexible (a seat that allows the chassis to flex more)
Standard (based on most karts uncovered seats)
Rigid (a stiff seat with little flex )

THE T8 & T12
The T8 and T12 seats are injected into predetermined cavity, and by changing the materials, we can alter the performance characteristics with total consistency. Therefore you can order soft or standard throughout all the T8 and T12 range. (For an increased range of rigidity order the hand made T8 and T11 versions can give you the same shape with an increased range of rigidity.)

T5VG, T7VG, T8VG, T9VG, T10VG & T11VG
The flexible seats were originally designed for use with Formula A karts running on high grip tyres. Nowadays we also find that these seat work particularly well with engines like the Rotax Max. An engine with low bottom end power often needs more chassis flex to lift the inside rear wheel and this helps to avoid bogging the engines down when driving out of the corners. However, many people use the flexible (VG) seat in all sorts of different classes, often improving lap times. The above is not a cast iron rule and does depend on track condition, make of chassis and tyres. A chassis, which has a problem and is not balanced, or is bogging down out of corners, can sometimes be transformed by changing the seat's rigidity.
There is also a VP rigidity, which is very thin and flexible and is only ordered by customers determined to get the most flexible seat possible. These have to be made to order, and can not be ordered online.

It is easy to make a seat light, it is not so easy to make a lightweight seat that can hold a driver securely without breakage during an accident. Using carbon-KEVLAR® fabric is almost irrelevant if the resin and curing processes do not compliment the expensive fibres, with an ultra light seat most of the seat strength can be lost and fracturing can occur if every element of the seats construction is not correct.

The Carbon/Kevlar seats can be as stiff or as soft as all our other types.

The rigidity that matches our standard T5, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11 and T12 seats and most other makes, is designated 'K' in the table below.
The rigidity to match a flexible T5VG, T7VG, T8VG, T9VG, T10KG and T11VG is designated the "KG".

For a lightweight, rigid seat, order "CR".

All of the weights quoted below are approximate as the weight is also affected by size.

Seat Type Cover Type Avg Weight

T5Hand KG, T8KG, T9KG, T10KG and T11KG


0.8 kg



0.9 kg



1.1 kg



1.3 kg

T5Hand VG, T8VG, T9VG, T10VG and T11VG


1.1 kg

T5Hand, T8 hand, T9 , T10 and T11 


1.4 kg

T5Hand R, T8R hand, T9R, T10R and T11R


1.7 kg

T5Hand XR, T8XR hand, T9XR, T10XR and T11XR


1.9 kg



1.6 kg

¼ Covers on the above uncovered seats weigh an additional 0.2 kg

½ Covers on the above uncovered seats weigh an additional 0.3 kg

Full covers on the above uncovered seats weigh an additional 0.4 kg



1.1 kg



1.4 kg



1.6 kg

T5 or T7


2.2 kg

T5VG or T7VG


1.7 kg

T250 KG

Part Covered

1.7 kg



2.25 kg

Carbon/glass Blackhawk B1

Part Covered

3.75 kg

Carbon B2 race car seat


2.75 kg

Carbon/Glass B3 race car seat


4.5 kg

W1 car seat


3 kg

W2 car seat


3.25 kg

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